pdf for the booklet

ok i totally forgot there’s a deadline for uploading the pdf for the last project:  inside_my_head….i still don’t know the deadline but i shouldn’t wait any longer… i hope i did this right…



darn it, i hav to use the school computer to work with inDesign. even the inDesign documents i saved from school wil be converted to the cs4 version at home. and for some reason, my inDesign cs4 can’t be opened at school….

for project4

this time i’m really going for the simple vector arts >:D i’m inspired by this Emily the Strange book i have. so my book is going to be a small picture book, with a few text to go along….about what’s going on in my head….hopefully it’ll turn out good

illustrator poster

so much for clean and simple….

a game trailer

this is like my fav game now…it’ not out yet…and i don’t play games…but i love the graphics!! and i luv ubisoft for creating such awesome graphics!!!! the first one was incredible, this one is even more!!

poster concept

for the illustrator poster project I decide to go for anti-fur message. I was going to do eco-friendly kind of thing like don’t use plastic bags. But then I thought I’m stronger about anti-fur. 

so the poster will look disturbing with a drawing of a man ripping skin off a fox. But I still want it to be simple and colourful. 

hand drawing

hand drawing

right now I used photoshop to trace the hand drawing I did. Then I’m going to use live trace in illustrator to clean the picture up.



Fall registration

Oh man, everytime I plan my courses it’s exciting and nerve craking. The classe schedules never work the way I wanted. I hope they post more classes so I can have choices >.< I'm going to be freaking out until the day I finalized my registration.

need to dress warm for the class

i know they need to keep the computers from heating up but it’s freakin’ cold in this classroom! >.<

project 1

Right, so this is the first project for digital image essentials. I didn’t really know about photoshop, just some basic concepts like layers. And I had trouble with using mask because my friend got me chinese version photoshop  on my computer and my computer can’t decode all characters, which makes it hard for me to learn just by clicking random things. And so for this project I used mostly mask tool and brush opacity. At the begging I tried other tools to select and cut sections. But after a tutorial on how to use mask, I find that’s easier and more flexible. Oh yeah, before I said I’m just going to  use two pictures, but then I thought there’s time so I added a picture of me in it as well to look like the reflection on the bottle. Again, using mask. I had to blur the mountains because they are further and beneath the plastic. Now you can’t see them at all…maybe it’s a bad idea to make everything too dark…


so far…

so i should b putting my photoshop project’s before/after pictures on this blog??…and tagged??

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